The CEC Hospitality Ministry serves with a servant’s heart. This ministry provides snacks and meals at various church functions. The Hospitality team also provides a nourishing continental breakfast each Sunday morning after Sunday school. The Hospitality Ministry serve visiting clergy, choirs, speakers, etc.

Love Feast is also a ministry that prepares food to break bread and fellowship one with another. This a time when we give back and allow all members and non-members to relax and feast on the awesome food prepared by members in our body.

Love Feast is often held on the last Wednesday of each month right before the first Sunday.

At this time you will witness families communicating with one another, sisters engaging in conversation, brothers talking and laughing, what an awesome experience it is.

CEC loves to provide a pleasant and pleasing atmosphere in the sanctuary, foyer, and restrooms. The Decoration/Beautification ministry makes sure we do just that by providing a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and members of the congregation.